When death separates us - a conversation about grief

October 28 2021
Brodere hender

Wednesday 10th of November at 7 pm , in connection with ongoing exhibitions, you are invited to a conversation about grief , bereavement and mourning with Eli Eines, Nina Mauno Schjønsby and Ingrid Johnsen Hogstad.
The exhibition will stay open until 8pm.

With the exhibition “Hole in the Heart” as a starting point, artist Eli H. Eines, psychologist and researcher Ingrid J. Hogstad and writer and editor Nina M. Schjønsby will talk about language and the lack of language when experiencing bereavement. How do we grieve as children or adults?
Who do we become when someone close to us to disappears?

Ingrid Johnsen Hogstad has a degree in psychology with a doctorate in Health and Social Sciences. In her research, she is interested in everyday life experiences in childhood and adolescence and she has been particularly interested in experiences of bereavement early in life. The subject for her doctoral dissertation in 2021 was professionals’ meetings with young children who experienced their parents dying of a serious illness. She has previously worked in kindergartens and in specialist health services where she has met children as relatives and survivors, and their families. Today she works as an associate professor at Molde University College , Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Care.

Nina Mauno Schjønsby is a writer and editor. She works closely with various forms of archives, and touches on topics related to collective memory, community, and historiography. Giving visibility to the marginalized and omitted in the archives is an ambition in her work.

Eli Eines is a visual artist and is currently exhibiting in Molde with the installation «Hole in the heart». Through the work in the exhibition, Eli tries to get closer to her father who died when she was 1 year old. Eli is concerned with the inviolable value and irreplaceability of the individual. For her, art is as much a space to meet others and their worldviews, as a space to express herself.

The event is supported by The Fritt Ord Foundation.Link text